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What we do:

We provide essential insights, automated collection of information, and integrated communications to streamline operations and fill the gaps in current information systems.

PAPA Healthcare helps provide faster turn around times to referral sources, provides insights into the real-time status of each referral, and provides secure messaging across organizational boundaries whether on a computer (PC or Mac) or on a mobile device (iOS or Android).

We enhance patient satisfaction through our state-of-the-art patient education before discharge and at-home.

We reduce risk through by making our products HIPAA ready through integrated secure messaging versus unsecure email and texting that is commonly used.

Why choose PAPA Healthcare?

  • 15% productivity increase

  • Faster access to essential information

  • Faster capture of essential documentation

  • Faster response to referral sources

  • Improved consistency and quality of patient education

  • Reduced risk of a HIPAA violation

User Reviews:

PAPA Healthcare is focused on customer satisfaction. Check out what our users are saying about PAPA Healthcare:

“The PAPA Healthcare solution has been an all around success”

“ContinuumRx experienced productivity gains of approximately 15% for the clinical liaisons and intake specialists; our days sales outstanding dropped from 32 to 27 days; and satisfaction was enhanced for the physicians, discharge planners, clinical liaisons, intake specialists, the pharmacy, and patients.” – Chuck Jett, Former CEO, Board Member of ContinuumRx

PAPA Healthcare’s solutions filled the gaps in our information systems enabling us to increase our productivity and be more responsive to our referral sources.

Tim, General Manager, St. Vincent's Home Infusion

PAPA Healthcare’s instructional videos have helped our patients experience better clinical outcomes with fewer complications. The videos are user friendly and put patients and their families at ease having that resource available at their discretion in their own home.

Mila, General Manager, St. Thomas Health Home Infusion

My productivity has improved significantly which has allowed me to be more responsive to the hospital and my patients. The iPAD training has been a game changer for our patients, reducing their anxiety up front, improving their compliance with their therapies at home, and increasing their satisfaction with our services.

Shelly, Clinical Liaison, Brookwood Baptist Health Home Infusion Services

We experienced productivity gains of approximately 15% for the intake specialists and our response time has improved significantly.

Dave, Admission Manager, ContinuumRx

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FEATURES: Productivity, Analytics & Compliance

PAPA Healthcare is loaded with useful and easy to use features. The design reflects the close collaboration with end users to make common tasks a breeze. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis.

Referral Source Filters

Referral sources can be selected by market and individual referral sources to meet your daily needs and easily handle shared coverage for after-hours and weekends.


We have worklists for New, Working, On-hold, Cleared, and recently Cancelled referrals.  There is also a global search to find any patient in the EMR even if they are on-service.

Referral Capture

PAPA Healthcare allows Clinical Liaisons and Discharge Managers to capture new patients in the field.  This can be done with a simple secure document capture of a Facesheet, using demographics, or a combination.  Intake has instant access upon submission.

Clinical Facts

PAPA supports bi-directional integration with the EMR to be able to see the latest clinical information and also edit essential information via the mobile device.

Document Capture

PAPA uses the mobile camera to build documents via image capture, stores the information securely, and uploads it securely to the EMR.  If offline during capture, it will automatically sync upon regaining connectivity.

Document Review

PAPA provides a secure mobile view to all of the documents in the EMR whether clinical documents, financial documents, or forms.

Legal Forms

PAPA’s forms are pre-populated with data from the EMR to reduce the fatigue of signing forms.  Legal forms include: Authorized Representative, HIPAA Acknowledgement, Service Agreement, Return Policy, and Compliance Policy.

Financial Forms

Our financial forms are created by Intake on the Web application and the final signatures are completed on the tablet in the field. Updates to the Insurance Benefit Summary, Letter of Authorization, or Advanced Beneficiary Notice can be done on-the-fly.

Secure Messaging

PAPA Healthcare’s secure messaging helps reduce risk of a HIPAA violation while also improving productivity.  Our secure messaging operates across provider organizations on computers or mobile devices.  Our messaging is integrated into a directory and also has fast linking to relevant patients.

Instructional Videos

Our instructional videos augment our training to provide better and more consistent training.  Patients and their families can also review the videos in the comfort of their own homes via our patient portal.  We offer optional custom branding of the videos to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Intake Dashboards

Our Intake Dashboards allow rapid understanding of intake operations within or across markets.  They even enable load balancing of work across markets which is very helpful for after-hours, weekend, and PTO coverage.

Referral Editor

Our Referral Editor allows intake specialists to import documents from the hospital in seconds where it used to take 10-30 minutes.  It provides a fast document viewer to help speed data entry into the EMR.  Once referrals are linked, updated documents automatically flow into the patient’s chart.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Universal Lookup

  • Patient Summary

  • One Click Phone Call

  • One Click Map & Directions

  • Quick Push Videos

  • Patient Portal Videos

  • Speed Search for Messages

  • Speed Search For Patients

  • Off-line + Online + Sync

  • Urgent Message Notification

  • Pre-popoulation Of Forms

  • Video Instruction Compliance

  • Quick Import Of Referrals

  • Mobile Document Capture

  • Mobile Referral Capture

  • TouchID Authentication (iOS)

  • Secure Mobile Storage

  • Secure Communications

  • Intake Dashboards

  • Referral Dashbaords

  • Fast Document Viewer

  • Referral Matching GUI

  • Multi-referral Linking

  • Therapy Tracking

  • Message Hotlink To Patient

  • Message Filtering By Patient

  • Mobile Entry Of Progress Notes

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Easy Implementation: Adoption Success Management

Setup is straightforward focusing on custom branding, referral sources, user configuration, connectivity, and mobile device preparation. PAPA Healthcare’s training program, called Adoption Success Management, uses adult learning principles centered around learning while working with minimum classroom training in order to maximize adoption.

PAPA Healthcare provides a quick one-hour overview of the solution for intake, provides them with a quick reference guide and then assists them while they get their work done for the day.  The next day, we focus on the clinical liaisons and drivers in the field with a brief one-hour overview of the solution followed by field support while they work their cases.  We typically have an afternoon follow-up session to answer any questions.  The productivity benefits accrue in a few days, helping to establish a rapid ROI as well as improved satisfaction for referral sources, patients, and employees.

PAPA Healthcare also applies these principles on a continuous basis to support new hires and new releases.  We have quick training videos for common tasks which are a useful reference for new users as well for on-boarding new hires.  For new releases, we provide a What’s New Release Overview as well as updated quick reference guides and video training tutorials.

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