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Productivity & Quality Improvements with PAPA Healthcare – Executive Insights

ContinuumRx experienced productivity gains of approximately 15% for the clinical liaisons and intake specialists.  The PAPA Healthcare solution has been an all-around success.

Chuck Jett, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, ContinuumRx Specialty Infusion Services


Workflow and communications had significant inefficiencies due to technology limitations

ContinuumRx Services Company partners with six healthcare systems and their providers across multiple states to provide home infusion therapies and services. Given the focus of ContinuumRx’s business, they desired ways to bring better value for all stakeholders: the hospital, the physicians, the nurses, the pharmacy team, the back-office, and the patients.

ContinuumRx had recognized for a long time that there were significant inefficiencies in the workflow and communications that were borne out of a collection of industry standard solutions that were loosely integrated, and in some cases used antiquated technology. Some of the specific challenges ContinuumRx faced:

  • Training was not consistent across all of the patients and training compliance was not tracked consistently.
  • Document capture required significant manual steps whether it was manually downloading documents or scanning, faxing, and loading them into the home infusion EMR.
  • The response time to referral sources was hampered by the document capture process, challenges with remote access to the EMR, challenges getting forms signed, challenges with inefficient communications, and a lack of a dashboard to highlight critical statuses.
  • The clinical liaisons were dragging heavy workbags, similar to flight attendants, in order to stay connected to all of the information systems and carry their forms and teaching materials. They would have to keep the materials close at hand for after-hours and weekend needs.
  • The technology silos created boundaries that made it more difficult to share and implement best practices across all of its pharmacies.


Leveraging PAPA Healthcare’s solutions to streamline workflow and communications

ContinuumRx implemented PAPA Healthcare’s Clinical Liaison, Intake Specialist, and Patient solutions across four markets serving hundreds of providers and over 700 patients per month. The solution was integrated with the home infusion EMR as well as the solutions on the hospital side for transition of care management, enabling a layer of technology to fill in the gaps.

  • Patients now get high-quality video instruction on the iPad of a nurse showing them how to follow their therapy with the equipment they will be using. The instruction is documented and signed off on the iPad by the patient and clinical liaison. Furthermore, patients go home and stream the training over the web to greatly assist them with therapy compliance which improves patient satisfaction and helps to reduce 30-day readmissions.
  • Intake specialists can download a whole set of clinical documents into the EMR in less than a minute in what previously took 10-30 minutes per referral.
  • Clinical liaisons can quickly capture documents with secure mobile solutions which eliminates the need to locate a copier and a fax and wait in line to use them – multiple times a day.
  • Clinical liaisons can have patients sign forms on the iPad which are immediately stored in the EMR.
  • Intake specialists can prepare financial forms and have them immediately available for the clinical liaison to capture the patient’s signature. Changes can be made and be immediately available to the patient for signature.
  • Clinical liaisons can work with the patients to have them sign forms on the iPad which are immediately stored in the EMR.
  • Clinical liaisons can work with physicians to get signatures on Detailed Written Orders which can help expedite patient discharge and help hospitals optimize their bed turns.
  • Clinical liaisons have secure fingertip access to all of the documents in the EMR and can view them on either device.
  • Clinical liaisons now carry an iPad and an iPhone in a lightweight bag instead of dragging around a large, heavy bag and laptop around.


Increased productivity and satisfaction

There have been significant improvements with all of the identified challenges. The keys to the success of the deployment have been:

  • Consistency and quality of patient education,
  • Systemic early capture of documentation
  • Faster response to referral sources
  • Better quality working environment for our clinical liaisons
  • A 15% productivity increase

“ContinuumRx experienced productivity gains of approximately 15% for the clinical liaisons and intake specialists; our days sales outstanding dropped from 32 to 27 days; and the satisfaction was enhanced for the physicians, discharge planners, clinical liaisons, intake specialists, the pharmacy, and patients. The PAPA Healthcare solution has been an all-around success,” said Chuck Jett, CEO & Chairman of ContinuumRx.

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