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Productivity Improvements with PAPA Healthcare – Intake Insights

We experienced productivity gains of approximately 15% for the Intake Specialists and our response time has improved significantly

Dave, Admission Manager, Central Alabama, ContinuumRx Specialty Infusion Services


The intake process required a lot of manual entry of data into the EMR

ContinuumRx Services Company partners with multiple healthcare systems in Central Alabama to provide home infusion therapies and services. The existing information collection required a lot of manual entry of data into the EMR by the intake specialists as well as manually loading documents into the fax queue that had been faxed in from the field.

Some of the specific challenges ContinuumRx faced:

  • Digital documents on the hospital side were transformed into faxed documents that needed to be manually transcribed into the home infusion EMR by the intake specialists.
  • Patient documents faxed in from the field had to be tagged and loaded into the EMR.
  • There were lots of communications with the field to follow-up with data collection with the clinical liaisons.
  • Financial forms and documents often had to be revised and printed several times.


PAPA Healthcare automated much of the manual collection of documents that resulted in a 15% productivity boost

Some of the specific benefits received:

  • Intake specialists can now download a whole set of clinical documents into the EMR in less than a minute in what previously took 10-30 minutes per referral.
  • Intake specialists can prepare financial forms and have them immediately available for the clinical liaison to capture the patient’s signature. Changes can be made on the fly and be immediately available to the patient for signature.
  • Communications with clinical liaisons have been significantly more efficient now that the they have rapid access to essential information in the field and can rapidly provide essential documents via secure mobile capture.
  • The graphical statuses on the worklist make it easy to follow the status of all of the working patients.


Increased productivity and employ satisfaction

There have been significant improvements on all of the identified challenges that have improved productivity and provided a better working environment for the intake specialists. We have seen a 15% improvement in intake productivity from increased automation of data collection, improved access to essential information, and improved communications.

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