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PAPA Healthcare helps fill gaps, provide essential insights, and improve productivity

PAPA Healthcare’s solutions filled the gaps in our information systems enabling us to increase our productivity and be more responsive to our referral sources.

Tim, General Manager, St. Vincent’s Infusion Services


Gaps in existing information systems resulted in inefficient data collection and difficult access to essential information

St. Vincent’s Home Infusion provides home infusion therapies and services to Central Alabama. They faced many problems that are common in the industry. The existing information collection required numerous manual entries of data in the EMR by the intake specialists and significant copying and faxing of clinical documents by the clinical liaisons in the field. The clinical liaisons often wrote down essential information and uploaded it in batch later in the day since it was difficult to enter information from the field. Form signatures and collection were highly inefficient with lost forms and repetitive information that needed to be entered on the forms. Although patients received their patient education before discharge, they often had many questions when they got home and had to administer the first night of therapy.

Some of the specific challenges faced were the following:

  • Digital documents on the hospital side were transformed into faxed documents that needed to be manually transcribed into the home infusion EMR by the intake specialists.
  • Patient documents had to be copied, faxed, labeled, and stored into the EMR. Often this required trips by the clinical liaison to different floors of the hospital to access medical records, the copier, and the fax.
  • Supporting clinical documentation often came bundled together making it less efficient for clinical liaisons, intake specialists, qualifications specialists, and the billing team to find pertinent information.
  • It would take several minutes, multiple times per day, to remotely login to the EMR to either update information or get critical information to continue the next step in the workflow
  • When the clinical liaisons traveled to rural areas with poor connectivity, they were fully offline.
  • E-mail and text systems were poorly integrated into the workflow. Email communications would sometimes have 30-40 comments on the chain, resulting in re-reading of information and making it difficult to find specific information.
  • Orders sent to physicians would get lost which could potentially result in delays in discharges which could impact hospital bed utilization.
  • Patient’s signatures on forms would be lost or not acquired, resulting in billing delays.
  • Patient’s received training in the hospital, but still had to go home the first night and begin their therapy without the benefit of in-person assistance.


Leveraging PAPA Healthcare’s solutions to fill gaps, streamline workflow and communications, and enhance patient education

Since September 2016, St. Vincent’s Home Infusion has been using PAPA Healthcare’s solutions. PAPA Healthcare was integrated with the home infusion EMR as well as the solutions on the hospital side for transition of care management, providing a layer of technology to fill in the gaps in the existing workflows:

  • Clinical liaisons now carry an iPad and an iPhone in a lightweight bag instead of dragging around a large, heavy bag with a laptop.
  • Clinical liaisons have secure fingertip access to all of the documents in the EMR and can view them on either device.
  • Intake specialists can download a whole set of clinical documents into the EMR in less than a minute in what used to take 10-30 minutes per referral.
  • Clinical liaisons can quickly capture documents with secure mobile solutions, therefore eliminating the need to locate a copier and a fax and wait in line to use them – multiple times a day.
  • Intake specialists can prepare financial forms and have them immediately available for the clinical liaison to capture the patient’s signature. Changes can be made and be immediately available for the patient to sign.
  • Clinical liaisons can work with the patients to have them sign forms on the iPad which are immediately stored in the EMR.
  • Clinical liaisons can work with physicians to get signatures on Detailed Written Orders which can help patients go home sooner and help hospitals with their bed turns.
  • Patients now have access to instructional videos on the iPad of a nurse showing them how to follow their therapy with the equipment they will be using. Furthermore, they go home and get access to that training over the web which greatly assists them with compliance and helps decrease the risk of 30-day readmissions.


Increased productivity and satisfaction

There have been significant improvements on all of the identified challenges.

“PAPA Healthcare’s solutions have filled the gaps in our information systems and increased the productivity of our clinical liaisons and intake specialists by 15%. We are able to respond to our referral sources more quickly and our patient’s feel much more comfortable with the patient education experience – especially with full access to the videos at home” said Tim, General Manager.

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