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Top 10 Things About PAPA Healthcare’s Productivity & Analytics Solutions for Home Health and Home Infusion Organizations

Here are 10 proven benefits that will help you gain a competitive advantage:

  1. Find answers far more quickly with essential data and insights at the tips of your fingers with mobile access.
  2. Stay focused on the essential facts and workflow – not paper shuffling, copying, faxing, and re-keying information.
  3. Improve referral source satisfaction with faster response times, improved visibility to the patient’s status and essential information, and easy access to forms that need to be signed.
  4. Improve clinical outcomes and reduce complications with enhanced patient education with high-quality videos that are delivered consistently in the hospital and also available to patients and families at home.
  5. Enhance patient satisfaction by reducing the anxiety associated with training, providing the comfort of having high quality video instruction available at their own discretion in their own homes, and making it faster and easier to fill out all of the forms.
  6. Improve employee satisfaction by providing tools that lighten the load, automate many tasks, boost productivity, improve communications with the referral sources, and simplify after-hours and weekend coverage.
  7. Remain productive while off-line by having offline tools for data capture and the most recent view of essential data before losing connectivity. Automatically sync upon regaining connectivity without manual intervention.
  8. Understand and streamline your entire operation by having shared dashboards, visual statuses, and workflow for all working referrals to rapidly identify bottlenecks, plan next steps, and speed workflow.
  9. Improve productivity of your clinical liaisons and intake specialist by 10-15% by streaming data collection, improving access to essential information, streamlining communications, and enabling easy workload sharing.
  10. Reduce risk of a costly HIPAA violation while improving productivity by using secure, integrated messaging.
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